Villa Triturris

Villa Triturris Tuscany panorama

Paying tribute to the history of the Tuscan village Cerbaia, the name ‘Villa Triturris’ takes inspiration from the medieval tradition, a time when the area was known for its three towers, “Triturris ad Pontes Pesae”, used for the defense of Florence. The only tower remaining standing is the one of Mezzola, in the municipality of San Casciano Val di Pesa; on the gentle hills around the tower grow the estate’s vineyards.

The microclimate is ideal for the vine: Spring and Summer are sunny and mild with an average temperature of 28°C. The temperature range from day to night is around 12°C- a range which promotes the development of the grapes and allows them to ripen in sugar content and flavor components. The soil is rich in clay and is covered with vegetation that brings organic material.

In the selection of the varietals, Luiz Barichello decided to follow the tradition with the valued Sangiovese and the modern influences with international varieties, Merlot and Cabernet. As pioneer and innovator, he also decided to throw the challenge to the territory by planting an entire vineyard with Malbec.

The cellar is located at the ground floor of the main house at the center of the amphitheater of vineyards. The space inside is simple and functional, following a philosophy that is not distracted by the large decorations but dedicates all the attention to the production of wine. The modern and practical steel is mixed with the wood of large oak barrels (10 and 50 hectoliters) that give the wine body without creating overly pronounced notes. In these barrels, wines evolve for period of one year to three years and then they rest in the bottle other one to two years.